Protective & Industrial Coatings

Alva Paints extensive product range is designed to satisfy most industrial needs, and includes products based on NC, Polyurethane's, Alkyd Resin, Epoxies, Acrylics for air drying, Stoving and Quick Dry application as high performance coatings for oil, gas and Petrochemical plants.
Our industrial product range is also designed for the following: Wood Finishes, Radiator Finishes, Steel Structures, Steel Tanks, Flooring and Screeds, Scaffoldings, Swimming pools and Offshore Facilities.
Alva Paints has developed a variety of coatings for flooring applications to protect cement concrete floors. These floor coatings are based on solvent based epoxies, solvent free epoxies, water based epoxies and aqua acrylics. The addition of aggregates gives anti skidding properties.

Awards and Certificates

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Awards and Certificates

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